Monday, July 29, 2013

New work from Ikonium getting ready for our exhibition in Bodrum set for July...its all hands on deck Mehmet, Theresa, Sali.Unuz have all been pitching in to create new items!!It has been ramazon, fasting time here, so we have been working through the night ,,trying to work off all the delicious food we have been eating for iftar and sahur!!!!
Meanwhile we have been working on a number of pieces for the restoration at Galata Mevlevihani and also making sikke for a new large der
vis group from Italy


  1. Niesamowite prace, jestem pod wielkim wrażeniem.

  2. The pictures look a bit morbid but it's alright. You can do better.

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  5. I have never seen work like this before. It's beautiful. I also love all the pictures you post of how things are done. Lovely.

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