Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mr Swanman Saga

We have had Mimarsinan University student, Baris working on some felt projects at the studio. Baris has been translating his own sketches as well as reproducing an ancient Swan felt piece. Baris has been an attentive student as this is his first foray in to felt work. In between work we have been sharing Turkish/
English lessons, good food and political chats.We have come to enjoy Baris's swan peoject and fondly named the figure Mr.Swan.Yesterday we had Baris working on his university project here in Istanbul while visiting with Haley on skype while she was working on her university project. Hsley has been shand spinning skeins of yarn to be hand dyed with natural plant dyes. Nicole has sent her lichens from the Berkshires, I had woad sent from England and we are sending weld and madder root from Turkey. The Turkish dye stuffs have arrived just in time and after retreiving them from th epost monday am ..Haley wil quickly mordant nd dye the yarn to meet the 4:30 in the afternnon deadline!!!!!