Saturday, June 16, 2012

This week I had a few students who just wanted to try experimental work with felt and ebru. First I had Caleb Calabro, fashion designer from Sydney,Australia. Caleb was interested in exploring the medim of felt to work into his avantguard fashions for the first time. Caleb created two organic white felt pieces which initially were intended to be spats, however Caleb may change his mind a few times before he is finnished. My second student was Roxane from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Roxane is also a designer of unique textiles. Roxan works mostly with knitted and woven goods so she was exploring the pssibilities of ebru painting on varrious textile surfaces. Meanwhile I have been working on felt yardage for boots


  1. As someone who raises sheep, I've always thought it would be neat to make wool felt. Neat blog!

  2. Just happened upon your blog - I love your work! The latest doesn't have a comment box but I thought the work looked like a creative and interesting take on peacock feathers

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