Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Polish feltmaking group in Istanbul

We had a great 3 day workshop with ouroup from Poland...they were pleased to know we had discovered the word for thankyou in the night...however rigth word...wrong spelling! We fit a lot of work in to 3 days in order to create a small rug, hat and bag. As with all our courses..we had as many wonderful pieces as there were students. We even had some fun by sending them out to kick their rugs in the park across the street with the Aya Sofya in the backdrop. We entertained both the locals and and the tourists alike!


  1. Thank you Theresa and Mehmet :-) it was great to spend such a wonderful time in the Ikonium studio learning felting techniques. I regret that the time has passed so fast.
    BTW Can't stopping felting ... I've done THE HAT!!! see it here

  2. wow teresa, you, mehmet and the group all have done such a good job and made lovely creations. this is very promissing for next groups, talk to you soon!

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  5. I had never heard of these processes that you use ...
    I was truly delighted with the results ... I wish I knew to do them.
    keep up the good work ....and visit Portugal! I'm sure that at Boom Festival(that's a indigo festival) would have many interested in your items . I hope to see you there one day: D