Thursday, May 13, 2010

Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival

Mehmet and I had a great class at the Maryland Wool Festival...18 students!!!!!

Everyone had a great time and produce fantastic art work. I am especially proud of our 76 year old can really tell she is a painter!

The yurt was a big hit again, unfortunately we couldnt be near our yurt as our booth was stationed ...down the road. People who really wanted to find us made the journey.

The weather turned unusually warm and wool was a hard sell but we finnaly found some takers. Anyone interested in more of our work can find us at our new location in Lenox, Massachusetts. Ikonium is now located at 69 Church Street in the historic district.
We are offering felt making workshops at the gallery as well. Call or write for a private and group session or check out our upcoming course schedule (to be posted soon)


  1. Once again, *cough* the new studio is lovely. Really like the different levels and height.

  2. would think I would be skinnier with all this moving..... and the built in work out of different levels in the gallery....must be Mehmet's cooking!!!!